About Us

Welcome to Sect Art! We are very honored that you visited our website to look at Sectr’s various street art works.

We are serious about promoting graffiti. This is the reason why we have established this Sect Art website in order to show you why graffiti should be valued. Among all of the various graffiti artists, we have chosen to carry the works of Sectr because we believe that he embodies how a graffiti artist should be – boldly using art to bring out contemporary messages that resonate with the times and with different cultures – whether North American, Asian, European, China, among others.

You can definitely trace the influences of Sectr’s art from his growing up years in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada and in Manhattan, New York City. He is also influenced by his very extensive travels and learnings in Europe and Asia. Sectr is one of the most popular graffiti artists in recent times. He has received various awards and has been featured in different books, magazines, television shows and the like. He also conducts regular gallery showings, producing various paintings. Sectr also dabbles in urban art websites, clothing line and urban art video production.

In the future, this website seeks to expand by showing the works of other graffiti artists from different parts of the world. Currently, we are in talks with various graffiti artists to provide that much needed platform for showcasing dynamic street art. We carefully choose the artists with who to collaborate with to show you the range and depth of street art and underscore its importance in popular culture.

We hope that you will continue to check back on this website to update yourself on the latest street art and the trends that are currently popular. Check also our blog site to read up on the latest trending topics on graffiti.