The History of Graffiti

It has always been our position that graffiti is a work of art and an expression of popular culture. In fact, the history of graffiti underscores this position of ours.

You see, the earliest records of graffiti can actually be traced back to the images drawn on the walls of the Catacombs of Rome. Here, people sketched visuals for their departed loved ones, mostly a combination of text and images. In Pompeii, meanwhile, the oldest preserved graffiti depicted a vivid image of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. However, graffiti is not merely confined to Western civilizations. In Sri Lanka, for example, there were various sketches found at Sigiriya, an old citadel, which dates back to the fifth century.

In modern times, graffiti is said to be strongly connected to popular culture and the rise of hiphop. This is the reason why it is also known for being a form of expression. In the United States, Bozo Texino is known as the best example of the oldest graffiti, dating as far back as the 1920s. During the second world war, graffiti has graced walls, garage doors, trains and neighborhoods, with people expressing their feelings and honoring their brave soldiers.

With the rise of hiphop, graffiti has become very popular. This has even been depicted in the film Style Wars which featured famous graffiti artists and the realities of the hiphop culture of the early 1980s. From the hiphop culture emerged several graffiti styles which include the block and stencil graffiti.

Currently, graffiti is turning into an expression of gamer culture, depicting popular characters in computer games. It has also become more commercialized and has infected the more mainstream culture. With this website, we hope to create more awareness for graffiti and street art, and provide recognition to artists such as Sectr and his counterparts.

Welcome to Sect Art

Welcome to Sect Art, the website that celebrates the art and life of Sectr, North America’s most famous graffiti artist.

Here we will be featuring all the outdoor works of art of Sectr. We believe that more than the classic art being shown in museums and revered around the world, graffiti is more attuned to the feel of the times and the culture of the people.
Therefore, if some people consider graffiti plastered on walls, buildings, houses and even contemporary garage doors in Albuquerque as nuisance, we at Sect Art consider it as Street Art.

For us, graffiti is not vandalism, as most people tend to regard it. What makes it a special art form is the fact that it is both seen and experienced by people that encounter it every single day. It is an art form that forces people to look and interact and thus, absorb its underlying message. Most graffiti art are also quite dynamic, perhaps because of the fact that it carries cultural messages and tries to transcend its temporal existence.

In this website, we bring to you all the graffiti works that were done by Sectr in different parts of the world, most of it from North America, such as in Canada, Manhattan and New York City. Sectr has also created Street Art in various places in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, China and even the Caribbean. Our gallery is arranged by area and by type of art work, in order to show you the differences and influences of each art form.

North America

Sectr’s North American artworks especially those in Canada, New York and Manhattan are considered to be in a league of its own. This is because his graffiti in these areas are quite complicated and are designed to spark conversation and bring out contemporary messages. The art works and its colors are bold and in your face, in an attempt to really catch the attention of people.


Sectr’s European street art is quite different in feel to its North American counterpart. They exhibit more refinement and a special flair that seem to blend with European culture. Look at his art works from the streets of London, Berlin, Prague, France, Spain and more in the gallery section.

Southeast Asia

The series in Southeast Asia that were created by Sectr exhibits a different kind of uniqueness blending Western and Eastern feels. These street art works are found in several countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and more.


During Sectr’s travels in China, he collaborated with various Chinese artists to create the China series. Here you will see more Eastern and Chinese influences, complementing the culture of each location.


Sectr’s Caribbean street art series are mostly expressions of individuality and strongly influenced by popular culture. View his various works in this website’s gallery tab.

By bringing to you Sectr’s works, we hope that you will gain an understanding of the concept behind each graffiti. In doing so, we hope that you will be able to appreciate it more.

Happy viewing!