The History of Graffiti

It has always been our position that graffiti is a work of art and an expression of popular culture. In fact, the history of graffiti underscores this position of ours.

You see, the earliest records of graffiti can actually be traced back to the images drawn on the walls of the Catacombs of Rome. Here, people sketched visuals for their departed loved ones, mostly a combination of text and images. In Pompeii, meanwhile, the oldest preserved graffiti depicted a vivid image of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. However, graffiti is not merely confined to Western civilizations. In Sri Lanka, for example, there were various sketches found at Sigiriya, an old citadel, which dates back to the fifth century.

In modern times, graffiti is said to be strongly connected to popular culture and the rise of hiphop. This is the reason why it is also known for being a form of expression. In the United States, Bozo Texino is known as the best example of the oldest graffiti, dating as far back as the 1920s. During the second world war, graffiti has graced walls, garage doors, trains and neighborhoods, with people expressing their feelings and honoring their brave soldiers.

With the rise of hiphop, graffiti has become very popular. This has even been depicted in the film Style Wars which featured famous graffiti artists and the realities of the hiphop culture of the early 1980s. From the hiphop culture emerged several graffiti styles which include the block and stencil graffiti.

Currently, graffiti is turning into an expression of gamer culture, depicting popular characters in computer games. It has also become more commercialized and has infected the more mainstream culture. With this website, we hope to create more awareness for graffiti and street art, and provide recognition to artists such as Sectr and his counterparts.