Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to browse through our gallery that features the street art works of Sectr, one of the most popular graffiti artists of the times.

See his works arranged by area and styles and prepare to be amazed.

North America

In North America, especially Canada, New York and Manhattan, Sectr’s graffiti are considered to be more realistic, depicting real landscapes, images and the like. His works in these areas are also seen to be more vocal in imparting political messages. He makes use of a lot of bold colors combined with realistic depiction of images and cultural symbols.


Sectr’s European street art are more refined with specific use of intricate elements. You can see here the influences of European history, distinctive visuals, lines and shapes. The style marries old school, brush and abstract designs. Explore Sectr’s art and be transported to London, Berlin, France, among other cities.

Southeast Asia

Browse through Sector’s artworks in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines where he has used a lot of block graffiti styles with abstract and hardcore visuals. Here, you will be able to see how Sectr was able to work with Asian artists to create his unique Western and Eastern graffiti that are indeed eye catching.


Look through the China series of graffiti here which shows a lot of traditional Chinese visuals combined with some Western blocks and bold color additions. Some of the designs even feature cartoon-type characters and Chinese symbols.


Sectr’s Caribbean street art series are quite lively, with bold slashes of colors. They are also quite contemporary and imparts strong cultural messages.

We hope that you have enjoyed all the graffiti that we have featured in this page. We will continue to update this gallery with more of Sectr’s work as well as that of other graffiti artists in the future.